Swiss Tempelle is born out of a collaboration between Mibelle Group from Switzerland and Future Consumer Limited from India. Perfectly combining their strenght to create something unique.


About Mibelle Group
Mibelle Group started in the 1960s as an extension of the vibrant Migros Group. As one of the top three players in the European proprietary brand market, Mibelle Group has built their reputation on the commitment to perfection, research, safety, quality, and most importantly being eco-aware. Migros has won several awards as most sustainable retailer in the world. Sustainability is part of their DNA.

Future Consumer Limited is part of Future Group that operates some of India’s most popular retail networks including hypermarket chain, Big Bazaar, Hyper City, Nilgiris, Heritage Fresh, Easy Day, department store, Central, gourmet food store, Foodhall and electronics and home stores, Home Town and eZone, Brand Factory among others. Future group has presence in 255 cities and towns across India and attracts around 550 million customers through the year to its stores. Future Consumer Limited focuses on the food and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in India. The company has developed a nationwide sourcing and processing network for agricultural produce and has manufacturing facilities at the state-of-the-art India Food Park. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and is publicly traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and The Stock Exchange, Bombay (BSE) .

Brand Philosphy

Swiss Tempelle products are a perfect fusion of Switzerland's untouched serenity and India's age-old beauty secrets. These products are available in various categories: Hand Washes, Shower Gels, Face Washes, and Body Lotions.

Fusion SecretTM Ingredients


Swiss Tempelle products are a perfect fusion of Switzerland's untouched serenity and India's age-old beauty secrets. These products are available in various categories: Hand Washes, Shower Gels, Face Washes, and Body Lotions.

Research & Development


All formulations of the Swiss Tempelle products are based on cutting-edge science and are developed by the research and development experts of Mibelle Group in Switzerland. Mibelle Group has decades of experience in creating advanced beauty products and is a key European player in the Personal Care market. When developing new products, Mibelle Group pays careful attention to good compatability and excellent effects. Over the years, Mibelle Group has accumulated a superior level of expertise that is unparalleled in scope.

Research and Development
Mibelle Group maintains highest standards in developing, manufacturing, testing, storage and packaging of Personal Care products. All labs are equipped with the latest instrumentation. Stability data, conformity to regulatory and Mibelle-internal standards and the scientific approach to product formulation are ingrained in each employee. Mibelle Group has multiple labs like the Chemistry Lab, Microbiology etc.

Mibelle Group has a dedicated R&D Team with over 150 experts. They ensure that the raw materials and finished products undergo comprehensive testing within the framework of established scientific principles. The latest technological advances together with norms according to GLP, ensure high-quality products which are subjected to rigorous tests to determine the stability for the entire period of its stipulated shelf life.

The professional and interpersonal skills of Mibelle Groups scientists and technologists ensure that Personal Care products from Mibelle Group had become firmly established throughout households across the World. It is also thanks to their innovative approach that the reputation of the Mibelle Group, part of Migros, extends far beyond Switzerland.


Mibelle Biochemistry is specialised in the research and development of active ingredients for cosmetic applications and has an outstanding reputation in the cosmetics industry worldwide.

Mibelle Group works to the very high Swiss quality standards. Products are subject to a quality management system running throughout the entire process and the group complies strictly with standards set by regulators in the certification usual for the industry.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 22716:2007 GMP
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management,
  • Natrue, aha! (Swiss Allergy Centre)
  • BRC/RILA Global Standard for Consumer Products

Research and Development Service

  • Research and development of actives by Mibelle Group Biochemistry
  • Assessment of actives and other ingredients in terms of stability, Preservation and skin-compatibility
  • n vitro and in vivo testing to assess effectiveness
  • Well-organised international network of specialists
  • Advanced consumer acceptance testing around the globe
  • All necessary documentation drawn up in accordance with current and proposed regulatory directives (safety assessments, EU Dossiers, etc.)



Responsible production, research and management has characterised Mibelle Group from the outset.

Turning values into deeds
As part of the commitment to sustainable development, Mibelle Group is careful to strike a balance between economy, ecology and society. Mibelle Group therefore wants to ensure long-term economic success, encourage their staff globally and protect the ecosystem for years to come. In the production department at Mibelle Group, the efficient and careful handling of resources goes without saying. In the research and development of new products, Mibelle Group is characterised by innovative strength, enabling it to constantly reconcile sustainability and demand. Requirements for the attainment of these goals are good working conditions that Mibelle Group, as a progressive employer, strives to create. Social fairness and qualified employees are the direct positive consequence of this.

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